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Blake Stranathan (aka Blake Lee) screencap time! (good excuse to play with Photoshop too!)

Here’s some shots from Lana Del Rey’s guitarist during this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

Blake is a Fender guy and adds a bunch of awesome riffs and licks (even a riveting solo at the end of Body Electric) . If you’re on twitter say hello at him @blizzyyblake

Check this out: another awesome track by guitar virtuoso Marco Sfogli. I’ve been addicted to the solo that starts at 4:12. So much passion!!!!


The King of the guitar solos too!!!
April 11 | 2010 - Dallas - Wanted Dead Or Alive (x)

Hope Richie gets back soon with Bon Jovi because the guy ROCKS.

Richie Sambora is GOD!

I LOVE this solo by Mark Tremonti for Alter Bridge

Need to listen to more of Mark Tremonti.

The Greatest Blues Solo

Time for Sambora magic!

I love the outro of “Still Loving You”, probably my fave Scorpions song. All hail to Rudolf Schenker!

Another AMAZING Richie Sambora Solo ! “Blaze of Glory” live in Athens!

more Richie….!! Best solos!!!!

Almost as awesome as Gary Moore! Excellent solo!

Good morning! It’s Monday! And we need a f*cking great solo to start the day!



Gary Moore <3

No words.


Gary Moore <3

No words.